GEDI Forge Leaders for Extraordinary Lifetime Human Performance


Through a Series of Exhilarating Global Experiences designed to Forge Character Traits GEDI are Trained to Succeed at Life in the Critical areas of Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Fulfillment. 

GEDI Training is Led by Experts in Human Performance, Elite Combat Warriors, Renowned Physicians, Disruptive Exponential Business Leaders, and World-Class Training Partners.


GEDI Trainees acquire an Exclusive International Network for Inspiration, Lifetime Friendship, Reach, and Global Impact.


Our greatest fear should not be of failure,

but of succeeding at things in life 

that do not really matter. 

Francis Chan

GEDI Cornerstones



"Extreme Health, Mental Energy & Longevity"


Great health can not in itself lead to fulfillment; Poor health however, can absolutely prevent it.

Leaders have many goals -- but leaders without their health have just one.

GEDI Core Training begins with some of the most advanced medicine and diagnostics -- from full sequence DNAs to full body MRIs, detailed blood batteries to exceptional habit training for nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements, and recreation all to improve energy, performance and recovery. Our physicians and trainers are among the best in the world.

GEDI are trained, not educated, to not die -- at least earlier than they needed to. That means real-world risk reduction -- from evasive driving skills, to field first-aid, from combat skills taught to elite SEAL/CIA warriors to survival skills for extreme situations.


GEDI are the most exceptionally lifetime-skill trained civilians in the world, period.


"Emotions, Relationships and Leadership"


The GEDI imperative is to create breakthroughs in life's four most important relationships: romantic, family, close friends, and our network for impact.


GEDI believe that leadership begins with mastery of the self, of our emotional experiences, our inner voice, and the leadership of our own mind before learning to lead and serve others.


These life changing insights, skills, and truths are taught in engaging, memorable, real-world environments to achieve transformative personal experiences.

Character development is our core. Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, are just a few.


Mastery of the relationship with ourselves leads to mastery of our leadership of others.


The leadership of others enables us to manifest the positive impact in the world needed for self fulfillment. 

Couple Cuddling on a Rooftop


Wealth Creation, Retention and Appreciation are the triad for understanding our potential energy.

Learning how to create the potential energy of wealth is not just for those that already have it -- Perhaps, we have just but one company, and are not confident how to create another. Perhaps we inherited wealth and are left uncertain how to create it ourselves.

Wealth Retention is a totally different skill from wealth creation as many have painfully learned.

Wealth without appreciation is a worthless retention and comes without gratitude, joy nor fulfillment. 

GEDI are trained for wealth creation, retention and appreciation. Abundance is the GEDI way. 


Happiness & Fulfillment


At the end of your life, can you look back with a great smile and know it was all extraordinary, magnificent, wonderful?


Did your most challenging moments become your most meaningful?  Were you surrounded by the many you generously loved with courage and compassion?  This is part of fulfillment.


Happiness comes easily, but is ephemeral and short lived.  Even a life of happy days may not lead to a lifetime of fulfillment. Abundance outside does not mean abundance inside. Nor visa versa.  Happiness is fleeting. Fulfillment lasts a lifetime. 


GEDI focus on lifetime fulfillment: knowing at the end, that life was extraordinary, because of our positive impact on others.  

Discover What Matters.




This virtual exposure course was designed for executives in companies and offers human performance training in health, wealth, relationships and fulfilment.


Training is typically ten 90 minute sessions, spread over a number of weeks.  GEDI's world-class physicians, trainers, elite warriors, and personal coaches train your teams LIVE to the comfort, convenience and COVID safety of their home or office.

GEDI Live is currently offered to the top 200 hundred government or business executives in each country and their respective teams. Have your representative contact us or our Country Partners for information. 



GEDI CORE, our flagship training program, is an extraordinary two-year program, about a week each quarter, at various locations around the world. 


This exhilarating program inspires, challenges, and trains leaders for extreme health, wealth creation, retention and appreciation, fulfilling relationships, and lifetime fulfillment. 


The two year CORE GEDI Training Program fee is 100K USD (travel & lodging separate). The program consists of some of the best training anywhere in the world. The program is designed to break even to assure the highest value to the trainee. 


GEDI Training Programs

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